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New Chapters

Kingsley Images Liederkranz Wedding

I shot a wedding this weekend for the paper.  It wasn’t the ceremony, just a few last minute preparations shots for a story we did about June weddings.  It was a bit funny since the photos ran on my first anniversary.  Weddings represent a lot of things, and the main theme is change. 

While my final day hasn’t been set, I’ll be leaving Grand Island.  My wife and I are going to be moving to Albuquerque.  She’ll begin as a full time therapist at Desert Hills, a residential treatment center, and I … well I’m still looking for something.  I have a feeling that I’ll be working on digging up some freelance work and quite possibly shooting a few weddings.  The other thing I’ll be doing is preparing to begin taking classes in PHP and SQL programming and other web based systems and languages.

The change will be awesome and we’re both looking forward to all of the possibilities while not getting too terrified of the uncertainties. Grand Island over the past 10+ years has been wonderful to me and allowed me to grow as a person and in my profession. I’ll definitely miss it here.

Hail Mary

Kingsley Images - Central Catholic Graduation

There’s an old adage that luck is the combination of preparation and opportunity.  That may be true, but there are still intangibles working in a “Hail Mary.”  In photography, a “Hail Mary” is when a photographer holds a camera over their head to shoot down on scene.  They are shooting blind since they can’t see through the viewfinder.  You’ll see this primarily after football games as the photographers in the second, third, fourth and fifth rows of the scrum try to get the all important shot of coaches shaking hands.

It’s an attempt of last resort, like the football variation, and (for me at least) results in a good shot 5 percent of the time or less.  It’s a technique not to be relied on.  But… When it works, it works.

Like this shot from Grand Island Central Catholic’s graduation on Sunday.  I joined the melee in the lobby of the gym as the graduates left the ceremony and began celebrating their accomplishment.  These two hugged right in front of me.  Then in almost slow motion they both leaned their heads back in joy.  I raised the camera over my head and let the motor drive fly.

When it works, it works.

Reactions on the field

Last week I shot the Class B, District 5 soccer tournament in York.  A two day event in generally cold and blustery conditions.  That didn’t keep the games from being pretty good.  Soccer is an interesting sport to shoot because the field is so big and the action takes place all over the place.  It’s not like football where you have an idea of where each play is going to go.  And it’s not like tennis where the ball is going to the person you’re photographing.  So we follow the ball and try to anticipate plays on corner kicks and find the person heading the ball before it gets there.  The best part about soccer and tournament play in particular is the reaction to goals.  In the first image today Hastings celebrates it’s overtime goal to put them up 2-1 over Central Catholic.  That also ended up being the final score.  After the end I was able to get a shot of the other side of the field as a Central Catholic player reacts to the celebration in the background. 

On the girls field I was able to get another happy shot, this time of Northwest after they scored their only goal of their game against Hastings on a buzzer beater shot.  They ended up falling 2-1.

On the girls field I was able to get another happy shot, this time of Northwest after they scored their only goal of their game against Hastings on a buzzer beater shot.  They ended up falling 2-1.

Two Places at Once

Kingsley Images Soccer Remote Camera

Have you ever been in two places at once and been able to prove it?  Oh sure I’ve been places physically and mentally off in another world.  I’m not sure that was good for either of us.  Or is it either of me? Either way I was probably just mentally off.

Tuesday during Central Catholic’s district soccer game in York I tempted the natural laws by trying to be in two places at once.  For the second time in two weeks I set up a remote camera to try and capture an image without being behind the camera.  This time, I’m glad to say, worked out much better than the last. 

I started off with a wide angle lens attched to a camera I set up on a stand behind the net where the Crusaders would be shooting.  To trigger the camera I had a remote trigger attached to a radio recevier that picked up a signal from the transmitter I held in my hand.  Whenever the action got good around the net, I’d hit the button and hope I wasn’t too far away.  Meanwhile I could still shoot with my other camera that I had in hand.  The results weren’t too good after the first half.  The wide angle lens made the players too small in the frame and most of the time I was a touch too far away for the radio signal to get picked up by the receiver.  I’m pretty sure the latter problem was because the receiver was close to the ground.

So I switched things up.  I replaced the lens with a longer lens, moved the camera back and raised it up about a foot off the ground.  Back to work I went, but this time I was shooting Central Catholic’s Zach Karn defend his goal.  There weren’t many chances for good frames, but I did get one I liked.

The best parts are the lessons learned which I’ll apply next time I try to be in two places at once.

Mike George—MMA Fighter

I had the pleasure of meeting Mike George this week.  He’s a native of Grand Island, now living in Hastings, who has become a professional MMA fighter.  We shot this portrait after he worked out at the Hard Knock’s Gym. This weekend he’s on the Tri-State Cagefighting card at the Heartland Events Center.  Here you can read about Mike and see a couple of other images.