More Video

I’m working on my fourth video now.  It’s a straight forward piece, and I’ll be putting the final titles and such on it this morning.  Once it’s up and posted I’ll copy in a link for comments.

I’m not an expert at video by any stretch of the imagination, but I think that I’m getting better.  It’s such a different mentality for me.  I can blend into a room with my still cameras and no one knows I’m there, but that’s not possible or even practical with video. You are going to be seen, and you have to get in people’s way; not only in their face for an interview, but also in their face while they are working. This will take a while for me to adapt.

Perhaps the most interesting thing to me is it isn’t coming easy for me.  I’ve got to work at it.  That means I can spend a couple of hours editing and not think anything of it, in fact in doesn’t even feel like that much time. (Depending on computer crashes.)  Since I’m slow at the editing process, I’m not afraid to take a little more time to experiment. If at first you don’t succeed as they say.

I should also say that I’m lucky. I’ve been choosing assignments that I don’t have to turn around the same day.  This is primarily because I still have my normal assignments to cover as well. Squeezing all these assignments in is a challenge, but I’m adapting.  This weekend I’m debating shooting a nat-sound video piece on the last day of racing at Fonner Park.  I’ll post that too, maybe even with a still photo.

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