Brittany & Daniel — Engagement Portrait

Kingsley Images — Brittany & Daniel Gazebo

I met Brittany and Daniel through a mutual friend during the Perfect Wedding Guide’s Great Diamond Dash Bridal Show in February.  We waited for warmer weather and then met in Old Town Albuquerque for a beautiful portrait session.

Brittany and Daniel chose the location because it was the scene of their first date.  We started off in the gazebo in the old city square before moving to small courtyards nearby.  Our first surprise came when Daniel brought out his guitar.  We listened while he played and I photographed them enjoying being with each other.  We wandered around the side streets and back courtyards before retuning to the gazebo for the final surprise of the evening, a light sabre duel between Brittany and Daniel.

Kingsley Images — Brittany & Daniel


Kingsley Images — Brittany & Daniel Butterfly

Kingsley Images — Brittany & Daniel Old Town Square

Kingsley Images — Brittany & Daniel Light Saber

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