Hail Mary

Kingsley Images - Central Catholic Graduation

There’s an old adage that luck is the combination of preparation and opportunity.  That may be true, but there are still intangibles working in a “Hail Mary.”  In photography, a “Hail Mary” is when a photographer holds a camera over their head to shoot down on scene.  They are shooting blind since they can’t see through the viewfinder.  You’ll see this primarily after football games as the photographers in the second, third, fourth and fifth rows of the scrum try to get the all important shot of coaches shaking hands.

It’s an attempt of last resort, like the football variation, and (for me at least) results in a good shot 5 percent of the time or less.  It’s a technique not to be relied on.  But… When it works, it works.

Like this shot from Grand Island Central Catholic’s graduation on Sunday.  I joined the melee in the lobby of the gym as the graduates left the ceremony and began celebrating their accomplishment.  These two hugged right in front of me.  Then in almost slow motion they both leaned their heads back in joy.  I raised the camera over my head and let the motor drive fly.

When it works, it works.

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