Highway 34 — Part 1


I’ve begun a new project to keep myself occupied.  Every day I drive from Lincoln to Grand Island or the other way, and the next day I reverse it.  I’ve become very familiar with the scenery along Highway 34 and decided to start up a medium format project to illustrate what I see.  It’s a landscape project, or maybe an architecture project or even a people project. It all depends on my mood and what I decide to shoot.

At the moment it is still in it’s begining stages and I’m mostly focused on the major things I see.  I haven’t really delved into detail shots and I haven’t been shooting long enough to show seasons.  So here is the first image to be shown, and one that kick started the idea for the project. A neat barn with a flag and date. Nothing special, but it caught my eye. And the more I think about these old barns I realize they aren’t going to be around forever and will eventually be replaced by quonset huts that are far easier to maintain.

When I rolled up, I had the image of just the barn and the farmyard, but then I saw the mailbox and thought the old rusted thing added a nice touch to the frame.

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  1. Steph

    For a project like this, do you just drive and and take the shot? Or do you ask permission and all that stuff first?

    1. Scott

      It really depends. On a shot like this from the side of the highway I don't ask permission. If I cross the property line, I'll ask if I see some one around. It's usually more of a conversation than it is a formal permission kind of thing.

  2. Melanie

    Awesome Shot…You really captured what Nebraska is all about

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