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Kingsley Images Liederkranz Wedding

I shot a wedding this weekend for the paper.  It wasn’t the ceremony, just a few last minute preparations shots for a story we did about June weddings.  It was a bit funny since the photos ran on my first anniversary.  Weddings represent a lot of things, and the main theme is change. 

While my final day hasn’t been set, I’ll be leaving Grand Island.  My wife and I are going to be moving to Albuquerque.  She’ll begin as a full time therapist at Desert Hills, a residential treatment center, and I … well I’m still looking for something.  I have a feeling that I’ll be working on digging up some freelance work and quite possibly shooting a few weddings.  The other thing I’ll be doing is preparing to begin taking classes in PHP and SQL programming and other web based systems and languages.

The change will be awesome and we’re both looking forward to all of the possibilities while not getting too terrified of the uncertainties. Grand Island over the past 10+ years has been wonderful to me and allowed me to grow as a person and in my profession. I’ll definitely miss it here.

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