Sandia Redux

Kingsley Images - Sandia

It’s a little funny the things that we take for granted.  I’ve lived in Albuquerque now for a bit over three months and I’ve already started to ‘not see’ the mountain across the valley.  I noticed that this week as rain clouds obscured it’s top and it took on a different character.  It reminded me of the movie “Smoke” where Harvey Keitel takes a picture of the same corner outside his corner cigar shop every morning.  There’s a scene where he pages through a scrapbook of all the pictures from the past decades, and while day to day there aren’t any real changes, over time there’s a massive change.  It’s easy to overlook the little things in anticipation of the big stuff.  But if you look for the big stuff you’ll never find it.

So here’s another sunset photo of the mountain that I took the other evening.  It’s different from the last one, but it’s also the same.  It makes you wonder at some level, if I’m taking I’m taking a picture of my view, or the mountain is taking a picture of it’s view.  Perception of change is all dependent on the scale with which you’re measuring.

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