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Highway 34 — Signs

Yeah, I know it’s a sign picture.  There sorts of pictures ususally don’t work for me becuase you are relying on the sign to carry the photo.  For this image though it’s exactly what I wanted to show. Driving along Highway 34 (and many other off the beaten path roads) I’m struck by how often there are signs trying to point you back to the faster road. Back to the way everybody else goes. Yes, they need to be there. Maybe just not so insistent.


Highway 34 — Ready for Harvest


Barring the Sandhills, driving across Nebraska you can’t help but see fields and fields of corn stretching over hills and to the horizon. It’s the country’s #3 state in corn production, and leads the country in irrigated acres. (Nebraska Corn Board) Corn for grain makes up more than 20% of the total ag production economy of the state.

All that means is that I can’t drive along Highway 34 without taking pictures of corn.  This fall has been tough for farmers to get into the fields. With a colder than normal October, the corn couldn’t dry. This pushed harvest into November and the crop making the crop more susceptible to disease and fungus.

So an ear in a field ready for picking  in late October is the photo.

Highway 34 – Silo


Okay, I’ve got a bad habit at times.  I’m lazy. This little project is shot while I’m on my way between Grand Island and Lincoln. Between work and home, or home and work. Eveyday on that drive I go by this massive ball of a silo near Aurora and I’ve even photographed it before.  But things were never quite right because I always shot it in the morning.  Which means the sun is in the east and on the wrong side of the staircase for cool shadows.

No for my lazyness.  Do I go out and make a special trip to photograph it in the evening? No.  That’s my lazyness.  However, I’ve got another habit of persistance. I recently had my camera (the right one that) was on that road going to Grand Island from Aurora and the sun was in the right (or left) side of the sky.  Eureka!

Highway 34 — Another Barn


There’s something about old barns that I can’t resist.  Especially with flags.  I lucked out with the dogs in the frame as well. I was a little disappointed with how it turned out with the blown out highlights. I dont’ even remember seeing the white door, I think I was focused so much on catching the dog running, that I missed some other details.  I still enjoy the photograph.

Highway 34 — Tornado House

Here’s a couple from Highway 34. The exact same house, but I can’t decide which one I like better. I’m leaning toward the straight on shot because it seems more graphic and since it is closer it seems more up front as well. It’s odd how you can see through it as well.

What are your thoughts?