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Julia Sullivan

{Julia Sullivan}

A few weeks ago I was able to shoot a little video about the remarkable Julia Sullivan during the Aurora High School’s band class. I didn’t think I got enough video, despite a good interview, so I went back a couple of days later with my still camera to get some more art for the piece.

Detasseling — Video


A post part of the continuing effort to get some of my video work onto the blog.  This was from a little while ago. I had always been curious about what detasseling was and why it was so important.  Not only is it important for farmers to create their hybrid corn, but it’s an annual rite of passage for many area kids.  The ‘summer job’ of summer jobs, especially for kids who can’t drive themselves.

Video — Shaved Ice

{What is shaved ice?}

Found a sweet WordPress utility that will insert flash (flv) files into posts. I’m planning on adding my recent video work to the blog this way as soon as I figure out the upload file size issue.

This little project began because I needed a video and I thought it might be fun to do a little bright of a piece. I really worked the sequences and overlapping actions in the editing for the piece.




A couple of weeks ago I was finally able to set up an assignment to go follow some detasselers.  What originally was a video only piece turned into a still assignment as well with a story by Independent reporter Robert Pore. Check out the video and story. I had always been curious about the point of detasseling.  All I knew was that tassels were taken off to produce seed corn.  What I didn’t realize is it is a controlled hybridization process.  The tassels are taken off four rows of one strain, while left on one row of another strain.  This allows the male aspect of one strain to pollinate the other. It was good to finally understand the summer rite of passage and the purpose behind it.

Where is the line?

I’ve begun working on a video piece that I’m hoping to be able to edit and finish next week.  It’s a piece about a local museum and some of the interpretors there in the living history village.  All I’m doing is a little who are you and why do you love the museum.  I’ll cut this with a bunch of cover video of the people doing their jobs and general shots of people on the grounds and such.

So is this a news piece? Advertorial? Propaganda?

I don’t know.  I’m attempting to shed light on the people who work at the facility by attacking the story in a different way. I’m more interested in them than I am in visitors who have shown up and why they paid the admission. To many it’s a labor of love and a job that satisfies them in a way no other task could.

My intent is for news. Time to wait for the bread to come out of the oven. (So to speak.)

Latest video

My latest video about Palmer High School’s Computer Program has been uploaded.  I’m pleased with it.  There is some jerky camera work that I didn’t see for some reason, but the audio levels are good and consistent throughout the piece.  I’m also getting a little more comfortable with voice over work.  I do have to remember though that I should do that sooner in the process than after putting the piece together.  My VO was way long for the space I had left for it.  I just rewrote it, but that takes time.

Today I’m going to work on a natural sound piece at the horse track.  It’s the last day of racing and I want to do a cool piece on the races with quick cuts and good sound.  Wish me luck.