Madisyn Springer


Madisyn is a really cool fourth grader at Howard Elementary in Grand Island. She saw a need for her classmates to have calculators to help them with their math homework, so she saved up her allowance and bought 17 small calculators for her class. (Here’s our first story.) That story, right before Christmas, inspired a local high school teacher and other members of the community to donate money and more calculators for other students in the school. This brought along another story as her class toured the school to hand out those calculators. That inspired Gov. Dave Heineman to proclaim Jan. 26, 2010, Madisyn Springer Generosity Day. Pretty awesome.

About the photo: I lit Madisyn with a couple of strobes in her classroom up against the white board. What really makes the image work though are the drawings by Bill Dunn.

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