Off the court

Last Thursday, Friday and Saturday I shot the Nebraska state basketball tournament.  We had nine teams qualify for the tournament with three advancing to the semifinals, which then advanced to the finals.  The first day is always hectic. I shot in two games at one venue, then off to another venue only to leave early for the next game at another site, and finally back to the first site for two more games. I was running around so much, just getting good images can be a challenge.

By Saturday though the pace has slowed and I had time to find and make images that I’d like to see in print.  These two came from before the Ravenna Class C2 championship game and the Hampton Class D2 game. Both coaches were terrific in letting me hang out with the team while they waited for their chance to take the floor for their big game.

Waiting for them has to be somewhat like me shooting my first Husker game of the year.  You know you’re ready, but the nerves and anxiety build up.  Once the game starts though it all melts away and you know you are in your element.

In the end Hampton fell and Ravenna won, and while winning is great it’s also about getting there and leaving it all on the court (to use a cliche).

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