Senior Portrait — Brandon Pfeifer

Senior Portrait Brandond Pfeifer Kingsley Images Scott Kingsley

Senior Portrait Brandon Pfeifer Kingsley Images

Two weeks ago I ducked back to Nebraska for a busy week of  photography.  First on the docket was Brandon Pfeifer.  Brandon was great to work with and we wandered around Grand Island and the area all morning for his shoot.  We started out at the Vet’s Home before being chased away by mosquitoes the size of ravens.  We stopped by Eagle Scout Park before finding a wheat field south of town.  We finished up with finding many different opportunities in downtown in the alleys.

Overall a great day of shooting with a great subject.  I think we were really able to capture Brandon’s personality throughout the shoot.

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  1. Jessica

    I love his pictures. I am so excited for when you guys get to see them all! They look SOOOOO cool.

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