Where I’m at

Kingsley Images Sandia Albuquerque New Mexico

(Sorry for the old photo from 2004)

No I haven’t disappeared.  I’ve just moved down the road a piece.  A little over a month ago my lovely wife was hired at a residential treatment center to pursue her passion of social work.  She just graduated with her Masters from UNO and it’s the perfect fit.  She loves her job and the kids that she’s helping through both individual and group therapy.

The thing is, the center in is Albuquerque, and long time readers realize that we had to pack up and move.  Jess came down in mid June and then I followed a couple of weeks ago after packing the apartment (with her help before she left) and finishing up my work at The Grand Island Independent.  The best part about being down here has to be that we’ve both got family in the area.  The low humidity is a close second though.

Now that I’m down here I’m focusing more than ever on finding a job.  I worked on that before I left, but you can only do so much long distance.  I’ve seen some good opportunities, but I haven’t gotten a call as of yet.  I’ve got a few more lines in the water so we’ll have to wait and see what turns up.

Ironically though I’ll be back in Grand Island this coming week.  I’ve got three senior portraits to work on, a possible family portrait and a wedding in Lincoln on Saturday.  That will keep me busy for sure.

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