Highway 34 – Silo


Okay, I’ve got a bad habit at times.  I’m lazy. This little project is shot while I’m on my way between Grand Island and Lincoln. Between work and home, or home and work. Eveyday on that drive I go by this massive ball of a silo near Aurora and I’ve even photographed it before.  But things were never quite right because I always shot it in the morning.  Which means the sun is in the east and on the wrong side of the staircase for cool shadows.

No for my lazyness.  Do I go out and make a special trip to photograph it in the evening? No.  That’s my lazyness.  However, I’ve got another habit of persistance. I recently had my camera (the right one that) was on that road going to Grand Island from Aurora and the sun was in the right (or left) side of the sky.  Eureka!

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