Two Places at Once

Kingsley Images Soccer Remote Camera

Have you ever been in two places at once and been able to prove it?  Oh sure I’ve been places physically and mentally off in another world.  I’m not sure that was good for either of us.  Or is it either of me? Either way I was probably just mentally off.

Tuesday during Central Catholic’s district soccer game in York I tempted the natural laws by trying to be in two places at once.  For the second time in two weeks I set up a remote camera to try and capture an image without being behind the camera.  This time, I’m glad to say, worked out much better than the last. 

I started off with a wide angle lens attched to a camera I set up on a stand behind the net where the Crusaders would be shooting.  To trigger the camera I had a remote trigger attached to a radio recevier that picked up a signal from the transmitter I held in my hand.  Whenever the action got good around the net, I’d hit the button and hope I wasn’t too far away.  Meanwhile I could still shoot with my other camera that I had in hand.  The results weren’t too good after the first half.  The wide angle lens made the players too small in the frame and most of the time I was a touch too far away for the radio signal to get picked up by the receiver.  I’m pretty sure the latter problem was because the receiver was close to the ground.

So I switched things up.  I replaced the lens with a longer lens, moved the camera back and raised it up about a foot off the ground.  Back to work I went, but this time I was shooting Central Catholic’s Zach Karn defend his goal.  There weren’t many chances for good frames, but I did get one I liked.

The best parts are the lessons learned which I’ll apply next time I try to be in two places at once.

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