My transition to videography.

Last week, April 4-10, I was in Norman, OK, for the 49th annual National Press Photographers News Video Workshop.  It was intense.  No really, it was intense.

After getting over only being allowed to know the schedule when we arrived each day, I quickly settled into the 13-14 hour days and routine of morning lectures, afternoon hands on shooting, and more lectures and extra sessions in the evening.  It was completely worth the effort and expense. Now I am working to keep my promise to the paper of producing 1-2 projects a week. The first two can be seen at:

Tax Help

Speed Stacking

So I realize that it’s impossible to remember and apply everything I learned about sequencing, cutting on action and screen direction.  I am trying though and I think that is progress.  I’m just trying to adapt to the changes of the industry and learn new skills.  That will be good for my paper and good for me.

One of the most important things that I came away from the conference was that you have to get off the sidelines and get into the game. Now I’m in.

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